Board Member – Duties

follow link DESIGNATION: Board Member – BOE (TWO FROM EACH ZONE)


TENURE 1. Each member of the Board will have a tenure of 2 years. In the term starting 2016, one member from each zone will continue for 3 years, to ensure continuity in the activities of the Board.
2. Each member should attend at least 2 out of 3 meetings of the Board, held every year.
3. A member is eligible to apply for renomination for one more turn only. dissertation consulting Notice inviting applications will be issued in the USI newsletter by the Honorary Secretary – USI, every year around the month of September. Following scrutiny of the applications by the Chairman BOE, members will be selected in consultation with the Secretary, USI.

1. Must be a full member of the USI
2. Must have completed 7 years as a member of the USI
3. Order of preference:
a. Faculty of a teaching Institution – M.Ch/DNB
b. Consultant in a corporate Hospital / Urology Institution doing solely urology work
c. Practising a subspecialty in Urology
d. Urologist in private practice
4. Must be willing to travel for BOE activities at personal expense. Any member who does not attend two consecutive meetings will be considered to have voluntarily relinquished the post.
5. The post thus vacated may be filled by another member, who meets all the criteria for membership, from the same zone through a fresh application. The tenure of a member filled in this manner will be till the end of the original tenure.
6. Should not have coexistent USI commitments in the council/as editorial Board Members of the IJU or Chairman sub-committees of the USI.

1. Must be a person who has consistently participated in USI academic activities
2. Must be knowledgeable about the M.Ch and DNB examination patterns.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Buy Autodesk Smoke 2013 1. Every BOE member shall be willing to undertake specific responsibilities pertaining to the functioning of the BOE in his/ her zone and the conduct of its various activities.
2. Specific roles to which BOE members will be assigned as follows:
a. Maintaining the minutes of all BOE meetings in their zone
b. Maintaining databases for the BOE in their zone.
c. Developing themes for BOE activities and presenting the same to the Board for consideration and adoption
d. Attending assigned BOE activities as rapporteurs, and providing feedback to the Board
e. Identifying recognised postgraduate teachers/urology subspecialists within their zones, collecting their bio-data and adding the same to the BOE database, and annually updating the database
f. Identifying organisations and venues for the conduct of BOE activities by rotation
g. Collating and tabulating evaluable information supplied by various candidates (applying for fellowships & awards) and presenting them to the Board
h. Preparing case scenarios & questions for learning databases
i. Preparing quiz papers, presentations and similar material to assist the Board in selection of candidates for various fellowships & awards
j. Preparing online learning resources for hosting on the USI website
3. Other responsibilities as the Council of the USI or the Chairperson of the BOE may assign from time to time.

source site Note: The above responsibilities will evolve periodically to reflect the needs of education and organisational efficiency.