Charter of the Board of Education 

follow site The Board of Education has been constituted by a mandate of the USI council. The objectives of the BOE-USI are laid out in the document (BOE-USI-JR-1). The BOE is tasked with the responsibility of conducting educational programs at the National, Zonal and State levels and conceptualisation and conduct of speciality-wise programmes. go site 1. The council of the USI shall only provide the overall direction to the BOE in the context of the educational needs of members & urology trainees from time to time. 2. The BOE shall be responsible for the organisation and conduct of programmes to meet those needs. enter 3. The BOE shall finance these programmes where possible through fees collected, for the participation in different programmes, through contributions made by zonal, state & local chapters, and through educational grants made through the offices of the USI. 4. The funds collected shall vest with the USI; receipts will be credited to the USI, and all payments will be made by the authorised office-bearers of the USI directly. The BOE shall not directly handle any funds. 5. The administrative office of the BOE, will be the USI secretariat. source url 6. The USI secretariat shall be the nodal agency for all activities conducted by the BOE or in association with the BOE. Registrations for all BOE activities have also to be through the secretariat at the USI office. 7. For activities at Zonal, State or local chapter levels, the BOE shall conduct activities by invitation of the respective bodies only. In such an instance, the local organizing team shall bear the expenses in relation to the programme, register the delegates and issue the certificates, with the BOE logo and signature.
8. BOE will provide certificates for all direct BOE-USI activities.
9. Where such stand-alone programs are conducted by invitation of the local organisers, the content and faculty shall be decided by the BOE. The certificates for participation in such programmes will be given only by the BOE.
10. In the case of programmes organized jointly with national bodies of other countries, the BOE shall not be directly responsible for the finances, and the Council of the USI shall handle all financial matters. The BOE will only be responsible for the planning and conduct of the same, according to the MOUs finalised by the USI.
11. The use of name, co-branding and logo of the BOE-USI shall be permitted only for direct BOE programmes, and locally organized programmes that meet the requirements stipulated above.
12. Finalization of faculty for all BOE programs have to be in consultation and agreement with the BOE. Other than the core activities of the BOE.