USI Award Winners 2017

On behalf of the Urological Society of India, we congratulate all the award winners. The winners are as follows:

Urology Gold Medal
Dr Rajeev Sood, New Delhi
Presidents Gold Medal
Dr Arup Kumar Mandal, Chandigarh
Himadri Sarkar Oration
Dr Rajeev Sood, New Delhi
Dr. Pinnamineni Venkateswara Rao Gold Medal & Oration
Dr Shirish D Yande, Pune
MIUC International Fellowship
Dr Krishna Prasad T, Bengaluru
USI Teacher Travelling Fellowship
Dr Joseph S Philipraj, Bengaluru
USI Member Travelling Fellowship
Dr Arvind P Ganpule, Nadiad
Dr. G M Phadke Travelling Fellowship
Dr Prasad Magdum , JN Medical College, Belgavi
Dr OnkarSingh, Medical College, Vellore
Dr. Sitharaman Memorial Essay Competition
Dr Abhishek Singh, Nadiad
CKP Menon Best Paper Prize
Dr Nunia SK, SGPGI Lucknow
Title: Bladder Contractility Index in posterior urethral valve patients: a new marker for early prediction of progression to renal failure
Brij Kishore Patna Best Paper Prize
Dr Sudhindra J, CMC Vellore
Title: Does Mannitol affect short term allograft function in living donor renal transplantation? A prospective randomized control trial
Chandigarh Best Video Prize
First Prize : Dr George P Abraham, VPS Lakeshore Hospital and Research Centre, Cochin
Title: 3D Laparoscopic Appendix Interposition for long segment ureteric defect
Second Prize:Banerjee I, Fortis Escorts Kidney and Urology Institute, New Delhi
Title:Disasters are just around the corner. Beware and be ready!
Vijayawada Best Poster Prize:
First Prize:Dr Nunia SK, SGPGI Lucknow
Title:Role of urinary cyclin d levels in detection of underlying primary bladder malignancies and follow up: a pilot study
Second Prize:Dr Joshi Pankaj, Kulkarni Reconstructive Urology Centre Pune
Title: Decision making for bulbar urethroplasty: Buccal graft augmentation -Dorsal versus Ventral approach
Dr SS Bapat Best Prize for Innovations & New Technology in Urology
Dr. Ashish Rawandale Patil, Institute of urology, Dhule
Title: Construction and assessment of an innovative indigenious ultrasound guided PERC Simulator
IPCA Urosciences Quiz 2017
First Prize:Dr Ashok Kumar Sokhal, KGMU Lucknow
Second Prize: Dr Pragatheeswaran S, PGIMER Chandigarh