USI Cells

Sr No Cell Convener / Chairperson Email
1 Central Headquarter Cell Dr S P Yadav
2 Innovation , Research & Development  Cell Dr Ashish Patil
3 Data Management Cell (cell with members already functioning) Dr Percy Chibber
4 Indian School of Urology (ISU) (upgraded BOE) – for overall coordination Dr Rajeev Sood
4.A Urology Education Dr Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy
4.B Medical Education Technology Cell Dr S K Pal and

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Dr D Ramesh

4.C Web integration Dr Deepak Kirpekar and Dr Raman Tanwar

4.D Guidelines Cell Dr N P Gupta
4.E Policy Planning Cell Dr Ajay Kumar
5 Sub Specialty Cells
5.A Uro-Oncology Dr Sudhir Rawal
5.B Andrology & Men’s Health Dr  S S Vasan
5.C Urolithiasis Dr Madhusudan Agrawal
5.D Female and Functional Urology Dr Shirish Yande
5.E Pediatric Urology Dr M S Ansari
5.F Robotic and Minimally Invasive Urology Dr Rajesh Ahlawat
5.G Basic Sciences as applied to Urology Dr D Dalela
5.H Reconstructive Urology Dr S B Kulkarni
5.I Organ  Transplant & Tissue Engineering Dr Sunil Shroff
6 Service Cell Dr Mallikarjun Reddy
7 Bioethics Legal & Security Dr Lalit Shah